Dive Sites

Dive Sites

dive-sitesBeaches, boats, bars.. erh, oops, that’s a song!

Beach diving is what S. Florida diving is all about! Grab your gear and head to the beach. Find a parking spot. Gear up, head in. Come back when you’re ready.  Want to dive early morning? Late afternoon? Night? Middle of the day? No problem! Let’s go.

There are three main reef lines that run parallel to the coast.  If you look out upon the water, on a calm day you can see where the water turns from light blue to dark blue. The dark blue is where the reef starts. We swim out to there, via a leisurely surface swim before dropping down to explore.  What’s out there you ask? Reef, critters, fish.

Common dive sites from north to south. As your dive guide, I am only posting sites that I have personally dived. You know then that I know the site and the intricacies of that site.

West Palm Beach- Blue Heron Bridge/Phil Foster Park

Rated one of the top ten muck dive sites in the world, BHB or The Bridge, as the locals call it, has become extremely popular the last few years. BHB is the place to dive when the ocean is rough, or you want to see critters not easily found at other sites.  Seahores, frogfish, stingrays, manatees,  are some of the more common critters found. Yet on a dive you might also see batfish, stargazers, nudibranchs, sea stars, sharks, or one of the other 380 species of fish found at the bridge. No telling what you will see on a single dive. It all has to do with time of year, location, and a bit of luck.

The best thing about BHB is its very shallow depth that will give you long bottom times. 2 dive shops are close by, as is a shop on the premises. Dive it on the high tide.

Deerfield Beach – South of Pier

Shallow.  Easy entry and exit.  Turtles. Not my favorite site, however it changes almost every time I dive it. One day it’s shallow and full of juvenile tropicals, and the next dive has big dips full of shells for collecting. And turtles. You have a pretty good chance of seeing turtles at this site.

Pompano Beach – 3rd through 12th Streets

Of the side streets to choose, I prefer the southernmost, 12th Street. A 45 minute swim out to the drop-off is easy for the advanced diver, then scuba back west to shore. Some areas can get shallow, 8-10ft., so not good if there is much swell.

Lauderdale-By-The-Sea – Datura, Hibiscus St.

Ft. Lauderdale – Vista Park

Ft. Lauderdale – Lauderdale Beach

Ft. Lauderdale – Willingham Park

Ft. Lauderdale – Kayuba Beach

Ft. Lauderdale – Ft. Lauderdale South Beach

Dania Beach – Erojacks

Dania Beach – South Parking Lot

Hollywood Beach –  Perry St.

Hollywood Beach –  Greene St.

Hollywood Beach –  Park

Hollywood Beach –  Marriott

Hollywood Beach –  Hollywood Beach inner reef

Hollywood Beach –  Yellow Brick Road (Margaritaville)

Hollywood Beach – Summit St.

Hollywood Beach –  Azalea St.





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