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I remember my first dive. It was a very windy, January day.  We boarded the boat and headed out, some of the waves crashing over the top of the boat. We were supposed to dive a wreck, an easy dive. But the captain couldn’t find the wreck. In those days, GPS was not available and whatever coordinates he had obviously were not any good. I slipped into my gear and sat there a cross of nervousness and excitement welling inside me. Add some diesel fumes and well, it was not a pretty sight.

After what seemed like eternity of the captain trying to find the wreck, we finally anchored on a reef and was instructed to follow the line to the bottom. I remember going hand over hand down the line, knowing that eventually I would see the bottom come into view.  Once at the bottom, two spotfin butterflyfish swam by. All of a sudden, the problems of the topside environment held little memory and I was really swimming with the fishes.

I. Was. Hooked.

Fast forward twenty years and many dives later. I am now a NAUI Divemaster and look forward to the next dive with the same excitement as those first dives. I look forward to being your guide, whether it be a beach or boat dive; photography or lionfish; or wanting to see the pretty fish.



  1. Do you sell the turtle pencil sketches in/as some kind of stationary?

    • Hi Joe
      Apparently I don’t have auto notification set up when somebody comments. So sorry.
      To answer your question, yes, I sell my pencil sketches as stationary. It is part of an 8 piece underwater set.

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