Hey there!

Welcome! You probably found my site from a business card I handed you, or from a friend of yours who suggested you look me up. Either way, I’m glad you stopped by!

The site is constantly changing, but not on a regular basis! LOL. When I am diving a lot (which is lately), the site upkeep seems to get forgotten. Oops.

Where do I dive? As a local to South Florida, my favorite sites are the beach diving sites.  Long bottom times, and the only restrictions are the time in the parking meter and the amount of air in my tank. I generally dive from Hollywood to Pompano Beach, with a few areas that I call my favorite, in particular, the Yellow Brick Road. I’ve been diving that site since I got certified back in 1993, and still enjoy going there. The amount of fish numbers in the thousands, and there is something oh, so beautiful when seeing the God fingers filter through the water. Blessings abound!  The Yellow Brick Road goes my many different names, yet regardless of what it is referred to as, the YBR is a overload of  sea life close to shore. There are easily 50 species of fish, and then there are the invertebrates, corals, nudis, etc. I even saw a manta ray once!

999 j manta ray

Manta Ray! My first sighting of one! Woot!

In the springtime, the tarpon will often approach in their very curious, yet ominous way. If you’ve never seen one, they will pass by just at the edge of visibility, a large, shiny, object passing by. The first thought is always JAWS!, though once you see them a few times, they are no longer scary! LOL

Yellow Brick Road end

End of the Yellow Brick Road. Approx 25′ deep.

When in the area and you are looking for a local to show you around, I do hope you think of me!  Drop me a note and let’s plan your next dive!


  1. Jenny,
    Read so many wonderful comments about you…. where is the best place to rent tank in FLL…LBTS…where is Yellow Brick Road dive site located? or even Deerfield Beach shore dive?
    New to the area and trying to get my fins in the water.

  2. Sorry it’s taken so long to reply. I surely hope you haven’t been waiting for this reply. Yellow Brick Road is in Hollywood, just east of Margaritaville. Parking is difficult, so prepare to spend some cash for a spot, or walk.

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